NDS was established by Di Sabatino brothers, who have been working in the sector of stored-energy since 40 years, with professionalism, skills and passion.
NDS was therefore born to meet market requirements by developing innovating and high quality products. Its main purpose is to provide a variety of Batteries for any needs, covering different sectors: Automotive, Camper, Sailing, Aerial Platform, Cleaning, Army and Special Vehicles.

NDS is engaged into continuous research and development, and its main priority is to understand its Customers’ needs and to foresee their future ones.
This is the reason why the Electronics Division was established more than 15 years ago, where a selected team of engineers and technicians design, develop, patent and produce cutting-edge systems to manage and recharge accumulators.
The company mission lays in the non-stop development of its products in terms of quality of materials, production processes, a careful after-sale service and the balance between quality and price.
Thanks to these features NDS obtained prestigious certi cates, which grant its quality and uninterrupted technological development.