Recharge 40 amps each hour of travel for batteries charged to 100% faster.


Photovoltaic modules with integrated mounting brackets are manufactured according to the latest production technologies to ensure the highest performances.


The new line of NDS BLACKSOLAR solar panels is a step forward in solar technology. Totally black, they capture a greater amount of solar energy and, with light even grazing, as during sunrise and sunset, allow a production of electricity exceeding the standard modules.


SOLARFLEX is the innovative range of NDS semi-flexible solar panels with a high degree of efficiency. This series is especially suited for all those applications where the space available for the installation are contained, but the need for energy is ever more pressing.


iMANAGER is the innovative system that manages all the on-board batteries and energy needs. It mainly allows to avoid the connection in “permanently parallel” of leisure batteries. iMANAGER manages, simultaneously or separately, up to three batteries with different technologies and amperage. It improves their efficiency and preserves their duration, thanks to the automatic battery cut-off


SMARTIN is the new line of inverters designed and developed by NDS, which has managed to create a series of professional products that is up to their customers’ expectations.


GREENPOWER The LONG LIFE oxygen-recombination service battery with slow discharge.