The new line of NDS BLACKSOLAR solar panels is a step forward in solar technology. Totally black, they capture a greater amount of solar energy and, with light even grazing, as during sunrise and sunset, allow a production of electricity exceeding the standard modules. The NDS BLACKSOLAR modules are manufactured with high efficiency monocrystalline cells and raw materials appropriate to this special design, optimizing at the most the performance and reaching a 18.5% of efficiency rate.

In addition, the modules are equipped with special mounting brackets designed by NDS for a quick and safe installation. The BLACKSOLAR modules comply with the most stringent quality and safety standards, ensuring a long term reliability even in di cult climatic conditions.

High-quality welding strips to prevent the panel from overheating
Cutting edge EVA film for better light transmission
New generation reflective glass for better thermal reaction even at high temperatures.
Codes: BS 110WP | BS 160WP