SMARTSEPARATOR is an automatic system that allows the on-board management of a start battery and a service battery. Thanks to the microprocessor it will be able to constantly monitor the voltages of the accumulators connected and, in a completely automatic operation, it will handle the main function to connect in parallel the start battery and the service battery only if the first one is in a state of charge, so for example with the engine and alternator running. This function allows to recharge the service battery in vehicles such as campers, boats, ambulances etc. with a quick and easy installation without having to use a parallel relay controlled by an ignition or D+. Another important function is the battery cut-o switch, manual or automatic, which avoids deep discharges. When the voltage of the service battery falls below the critical threshold of 10.5V (11V for more than 10 minutes) the system fully disconnect all loads connected to the device. The system will be automatically reactivated, as soon as a source of recharge will be present, such as generator, charger, solar modules.

Code: ss 12 – 100