SUNCONTROL is the charge regulator for solar modules fully designed and manufactured by NDS. Based on the model, it can manage up to 300W of input power, with a maximum charge of 20A.

The microprocessor is able to run up to four charge steps, included the desulfation fase, which is important as it guarantees the extension of the battery working life. The new SUNCONTROL, in the MPPT version (SC 300M) allows to maximize the potentialities of the solar panel, improving its performance up to 25%.

4-step charging curves
Integrated desulfator
Dedicated output for engine battery
MPPT system in the SC300M model
Acid-lead, Gel and Agm battery selector
Input for two photovoltaic modules
Led charge indicator
Input power up to 300 W
Codes: SC 15-240 | SC 300M